• How to sell closeout costume jewelry? - 2023 is here. All this talk of the economy collapsing is making you nervous. You are wondering how you would put food on the table in 2023. Having gone through the 2008 great recession, we can help. Let’s talk about how to sell Closeout costume jewelry in 2023. But first will there be market for […]
  • Types of jewelry you in closeout lots - Previously we talked about what closeout costume jewelry is and where it’s sourced. Now let’s talk about the type of jewelry found in these lots. I know many of you are excited about this post. Who doesn’t like a big mystery being unwrapped, right? So let’s dive into it. Types of Jewelry Tangled Yes, this […]
  • $8.36 per pound of mixed Jewelry with FREE SHIPPING 📗 - The best liquidation deal You will EVER see Last time these sold out like crazy. Over 95% of this jewelry is not even broken! Your chance to get in on a this great deal, by buying jewelry by the pound! Heavily assorted. This is a limited time and limited quantity offer. Get it on this before […]
  • Cheap wholesale jewelry - How do you buy cheap wholesale jewelry?  I know most of the online eBay, Etsy, or Amazon sellers will not tell you their secrets. But since we are in the business of providing you with cheaper than wholesale jewelry, we will let you in on the secrets. Look! You can buy jewelry directly from China. […]