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Cheap wholesale jewelry

How do you buy cheap wholesale jewelry?  I know most of the online eBay, Etsy, or Amazon sellers will not tell you their secrets. But since we are in the business of providing  you cheaper than wholesale jewelry, we will let you in on the secret.


You can buy jewelry directly from China. It would be the simplest way to get cheaper than wholesale prices. Of course, that’s

Jewelry manufacturing in China. Image credit 

what the wholesalers do. It is a choice for you, but don’t rush into it. There are a lot of problems with dealing with China.


First, you would need to buy in bulk. If you don’t buy in bulk prices will be too high. Second, a lot of honest, hard-working folks have been ripped off by some Chinese companies. So you have to overcome the trust issue and build relationship slowly.

Now the secrets to buy cheap wholesale jewelry

The big secret here is that every year, tons of jewelry get sold by pallets at cost because of overproduction, companies going out of business, and customer returns.  This jewelry is brought back into the market, buy companies like ours or other closeout costume jewelry sellers.  We can sell this jewelry to you for almost 75% lower than wholesalers.

To make this specific,  there are three types of closeout:

  • Department store closeout
  • Manufacturer closeout
  • Wholesaler closeout

Department store closeout

Yes the big “W”,  the “M”, and the “T” of department stores sell closeout.  A few companies have exclusive deals with some of them,  so they buy it in bulk, and again, then it is sold on websites like ours. The good news for folks like you is that these closeout is usually repairable, when it’s not brand new. So you can sell them on eBay or your store for really good prices.

Other sources for buying them is on auction sites like On auction sites, most of the sellers will be buying from closeout sellers like ours. So you can, in fact, buy our merchandise and sell it on liquidation.

Manufacturer closeout

It is really common sense. Manufacturers have to over produce. Knowing exactly what the market needs is not a perfect science. Obviously, these companies try their best to produce the exact amount, but over production happens a lot. So big manufacturers accept it, as the part of their business. They have processes to sell these goods at cost.


That is how a lot of closeout companies get their goods. Directly from these major manufacturers.

Wholesaler closeout

Wholesalers buy from manufacturers, and sell to stores directly. As mentioned above, some of these stores closeout their jewelry, but most of the closeout come directly from a wholesaler who are stuck with merchandise that stores cannot buy. This could be for several reasons:

  • Business might be bad
  • Seasonal changes
  • Fashion trend fluctuations

Regardless of the reason, wholesalers cannot sit on jewelry for a long time. They have to make space for new in fashion jewelry, so it is to their benefit to sell the jewelry their customers cannot buy quickly.