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How to sell closeout costume jewelry?

2023 is here. All this talk of the economy collapsing is making you nervous. You are wondering how you would put food on the table in 2023. Having gone through the 2008 great recession, we can help.

Let’s talk about how to sell Closeout costume jewelry in 2023. But first will there be market for it ?

Closeout market

Our experience shows the closeout market did not go down. In fact, more people shop closeouts than before. However, the important thing is to focus on how much money your customers are willing to spend and price accordingly.

Important tip:
Understand what “your” customer can afford. If they are willing to spend $20 don’t sell items at $30.

Do an formal or informal survey : ask your clients if their buying budget changed.

Here is a ready-made survey for you. Put your emails and hit send :


Yep, there is still a market for closeout jewelry on eBay. Auctions are still the king, at least for closeouts.

Start with checking the closed auctions. Don’t just put an auction up without research.

Important Tip:
Always check recently completed auctions. Export data to a spreadsheet. Look for average price an item is sold over last 3 months.

See if you can spot a trend.


eBay is great but never put all your eggs in one basket and hand the basket to someone else. Create your own digital assets.

  1. Own your own domain name
    • Build your own website
  2. Build your own client list

you may ask how do I do that if I can’t code?

The good news is you don’t have to know how to code. Hire and use no-code tools. We partner with folks at to build our websites. Here is a detailed article from them .

Important tip
Just like a physical property make you own your digital assets, your domain, your website…

Sell in Flea-markets

Don’t underestimate the power of direct in person sales. If nothing else it give you the badly needed feedback on your merchandise.

So go to a flea market with two goals in mind:

  1. 1. Bring in some cash 💰.
  2. 2. Get feedback on your product: prices, quality, etc.

Getting started in a flea market is low cost and easy. Many flea markets take daily renters, you just have to go very early. Go early, rent a small space and put a table.

Make it fun for yourself. Bring your kids and sell, sell, sell