Jewelry by the Pound (Discount)

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Ideal for flea market sellers discount stores, freebies, party favors.

This is a mixed lot of fashion jewelry sold by the pound. In this lot you may find necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other kinds of jewelry. You may be able to sell these for a few dollars or so.  High profits as your cost per piece is lower than buying jewelry by the dozen at a wholesaler.

This product may contain a small amount of tangled jewelry.

This product may contain 2% broken jewelry.



4 reviews for Jewelry by the Pound (Discount)

  1. closeoutcostumejewelry

    Recent deal deal

    deal items

  2. closeoutcostumejewelry

    awesome deal

  3. Jean Murphy

    don’t know yet

  4. Kelly Krieger (verified owner)

    This company is absolutely fantastic hands done buy with confidence you will not regret it I will be customer for life

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