Jewelry by the Pound (Premium)

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This jewelry would normally be seen in a boutique.  You can sell them at shows, or in your store, or online whatever you choose this high quality selection will be a show stopper. These items may have rhinestones, semi precious stones, chunky or dainty yet elegant styles.

This is a mixed lot of costume jewelry sold by the pound. In this lot you will find necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other kinds of jewelry. Very good margins on this product, depending on the venue in which you sell, you may be able to get high prices for these pieces. When buying by the pound your cost per piece is significantly lower compared to shopping by the piece from a wholesaler.

This product may contain some tangled jewelry.

This product may contain about 2% broken jewelry.



1 review for Jewelry by the Pound (Premium)

  1. Fiona

    Most of this was repairable.

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